A reader responded to the Hedgehog newsletter with an important question:

All this information is overwhelming. Can you help me manage things?

Our pleasure! Let's review the essential basics. The news that gets featured in the weekly email is exciting, and it's fun to keep up with the development of the industry, but most of that information isn't necessary on a day-to-day basis.

To start with, make sure your financial life is in order in general. Do you have an emergency fund? How about a traditional retirement account like a 401k or Roth IRA? Do you have any high-interest debt that isn't paid off yet? Bitcoin is awesome, but standard financial preparedness should be the highest priority for your money.

When you're sure that you're ready to get into crypto, go ahead and set up a wallet:

How to set up your first crypto wallet: A guide
The *key* information you need to set up and use some of the most popular crypto wallets.

After that step, it gets a little more difficult. When I first joined Hedgehog, I wrote about the vigilant mindset that crypto investors need to have:

Treat cryptocurrency investing like the virtual equivalent of walking through a big crowded tourist area with a somewhat seedy reputation (think Times Square or nearly any part of Paris). Lots to see, plenty of exciting experiences — but it's crucial to know where your valuables are at all times, lest they depart on their own vacation, never to return.

The truth is, crypto isn't easy or simple. It's messy, the state of the art is always changing, the assets are volatile and risky, and you have to be careful to stay safe. Here's the good news: You don't need to understand everything right away. Keep reading, keep following your curiosity, and eventually the puzzle pieces will begin fitting together. There's no rush.

A few key puzzle pieces that you do need:

Once you've digested that, start diving into the more advanced knowledge:

Spoiler alert, we recommend Hedgehog 😉

Hopefully these lists will help you get oriented!