What if a robot could take care of trading and managing your portfolio for you? That's precisely what crypto Robo Advisors do. No more spending hours on the computer with your eyes glued for that percentage increase in your favorite coin.

While the crypto Robo advisors are still relatively new, there has been a sharp increase in the apps offering this service. To help you choose the best robo advisor for your needs, we have compiled a list of the best crypto Robo advisors to try out today for low-effort and fun cryptocurrency investing.

Let’s first start with what a robo advisor is.

What Is a Crypto Robo Advisor?

A crypto Robo advisor is software that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies autonomously. It uses quantitative inputs such as data, back-testing and inputs based on user preferences to find optimal trading strategies. Crypto is the perfect base for this because every single piece of data is public and on the blockchain. With this data, a crypto robo advisor can help you trade at optimal price points, rebalance your portfolio automatically and monitor prices for you.

If that sounds like a load off your shoulders, keep reading because it gets better! Here’s what you should look for while choosing a robo advisor for you:

Factors to look for while choosing a Robo Advisor

1.  List of supported cryptos

Depending on the popularity of the platform, different Robo advisors support a varied range of cryptos. If you want to trade a very specific cryptocurrency, you should look for an advisor that supports it natively.

2. Capital supported

You also need to consider the minimum amount they require for you to start investing. The lower the minimum, the better, especially if you are a small-time investor or simply don't want to risk too much of your capital in crypto. You also need to keep an eye on the nature of the accounts they have for their clients.

Best Crypto Robo advisors


Not to toot our own horn, but we’re confident that Hedgehog is the best crypto robo advisor for investors and traders. Our app is designed specifically to make trading easier for you.

Crypto has multiple exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets — each with a different set of people making trades on them. Naturally, this leads to price discrepancies across these exchanges and let’s face it: Don’t you feel frustrated if you purchase a product and then see it being sold for cheaper, elsewhere? Hedgehog makes sure you don’t fall prey to this (atleast in the crypto space) by checking over 170+ exchanges and getting you the best price for your trade, automatically.

Hedgehog also allows you to create a personalized portfolio after syncing data across all your wallets. There’s over 2000+ supported assets, and 550+ wallet integrations — so no matter where you choose to store your crypto, you can easily track it via your Hedgehog account.

Additionally, user balances are always updated in real-time so you can make quick portfolio allocation decisions. And if you want to do a portfolio overhaul, our rebalancing feature suggests optimal allocation sizes.

All of this is packed in an SEC-approved easy-to-use interface which makes Hedgehog the preferred choice for a robo advisor. Oh, and did we mention you can use the app even on mobile?

Titan Invest

You can think of Titan Invest as a customized crypto hedge fund, where crypto experts manage your funds for you. And it’s definitely one of the more conservative ones. That’s why it’s preferred by risk-averse investors who want some exposure to the crypto market and are happy sticking to the big coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.

Titan Invest’s key USP is that they are a “hands-off” investment solution. Based on market conditions, market analysts regularly rebalance your portfolio and execute tactical trades when necessary.

The main focus is to grow your wealth — without the hassle of you managing it. You can pick multiple strategies based on the plans for your portfolio. They also explain their trades in detail and keep you updated everytime an asset is added or subtracted from your portfolio.

Titan Robo advisor’s management fees stand at 1% for deposits of under $10k.


If you’re someone who likes to be really precise with your trading strategies, but lack the ability to code, the Coinrule crypto trading bot can help you! It's specifically designed so everyday investors can take on professional traders without any programming experience.

Coinrule's Robo Advisor lets you create your trading strategy with ease. You can either choose one of their existing templates, like "sell 50% when prices drop more than 25%," or craft an entirely new rule set from scratch — it's up to you.

Therefore, Coinrule's Robo advisor automates your trading strategy and makes managing an active one easier. For instance, you can work on other tasks while monitoring the price of Bitcoin without having to check each of its price movements.

The best part is that Coinrule is easily accessible to all levels of investors. Coinrule offers a free Starter plan that allows you to get started with as low as $1. When your investment grows, you can choose to upgrade with Coin Rules' subscription packages for more powerful features.


Wealthfront has become one of the best crypto Robo advisors for those looking to invest their money at low risk. Wealthfront is an excellent option for those who want to invest in cryptocurrency but haven't quite warmed up to the idea of handling their funds.

With Wealthfront, you get an automated way that allows investors to make diversified portfolios with only minor input, making it easy and convenient. Additionally, the advisor typically deals with larger cryptocurrencies and ETFs like those for Bitcoin and Ethereum so you’re relatively shielded from volatile markets.

The only downside to Wealthfront is that you can't invest in individual cryptos. It's more like an auto trader for crypto ETFs.

Ready to get a crypto robo fren?

Now, as we discussed, when it comes to choosing a crypto robo advisor, you want to take a long hard look at your portfolio, current strategies and risk appetite. If you want a Robo advisor that is literally your trading partner, then an advisor like Hedgehog would be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want a hands-off solution, robo advisors like Titan would do the trick.

Unsolicited advice though? Crypto is more fun when you get your hands dirty and actually trade. And no one ever said that you can’t do both — first, learn the trade and then get an expert to do it for you.

No matter what you choose, one thing is for sure: Crypto Robo advisors definitely make lives easier.  and if you want to get serious with crypto trading, it’s something you should definitely look into! It’s quick and easy to get started with Hedgehog – your robo fren.

Lipsa Das is the founder of Spiritwish, and you can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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