Don't worry, it's just a flesh wound. Also, I'm Taylor, the CEO of Hedgehog. For all you paper-handed traders, allow me to clarify: 3the latest paper cut in the market isn't technically a full-monty zombie bite, just a rather expensive flesh wound 💎🙌

Anyway, Hedgehog makes it easy to track and trade your entire crypto portfolio, across various wallets and exchanges, in one convenient spot.

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I'm delighted to share that Hedgehog co-founder and CTO Colton Dillion spoke at ETHDenver. It sounds like the event was a blast, mainly because Colton was speaking… but not only because Colton was speaking (of course).

Let's hear from the humble lad himself: ​​"Grateful the ideas resonated and that we could pack 40 years of cryptocurrency history into 20 minutes." Assuming you didn't attend ETHDenver either — the whole talk is available on YouTube! You can also download his slides as a PDF 😊

Even if you don't watch the video, I recommend going through Colton's slide deck for questions to ask when evaluating a particular crypto project. For example, here are the questions from the section on liquidity:

  • How easy is it to get from one protocol token to any other?
  • How well does the protocol token maintain value in relation to others?
  • How easy is it to send and accept the token on the underlying protocol?
  • What is the issuance model?
  • Will people accept the token as payment?

Colton goes into six other dimensions of cryptocurrencies in addition to liquidity. It's good to understand what the heck you’re buying! Check out Hedgehog's Discover Stacks to see the categories / sectors that different crypto projects are tackling.

Join me in reviewing an intriguing bit of data. Top 9 posts on the Hedgeblog over the past 90 days:

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Tldr: Solid newsletter, I see why y'all liked it.

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Tldr: NFTs have the potential to transform gaming. In reality that hasn't quite happened yet, but the early attempts are fascinating.

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Tldr: Just some billionaire, idk.

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Tldr: happy to see this one on the list, go get those skillz!

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Tldr: Still good ideas outside of the holiday season, if anyone has a birthday coming up…

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Tldr: the silent king of crypto, the shadow behind the throne! Of course you want to know what's up. (The non-silent king sitting on the throne is bitcoin. I ain't no George R. R. Martin, but that feels right.)

#3 "Crypto Domain Names"

Tldr: more and more Twitter accounts flaunting .eth addresses have been following @HedgehogDotApp, is that you guys?! Also, shoutout to the ETHDenver crowd for rolling thru on Twitter after Colton’s talk.

#2 "The Secret Meaning Behind Cardano's Name and Logo"

Tldr: going back to the medieval age of shadowy coders!

#1 "The ultimate 'blink and you miss it' industry"

Tldr: 90% positive that this newsletter is so popular because of the team photo. Hedgehog developers are objectively attractive non-lizard humans.

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