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Speaking of luck, I'm stoked to welcome two new hires to the Hedgehog team! I'm thrilled to introduce yinz to Jon Hope and Nicholas Smith. Jon's going to help lead our customer success team, and Nick's a DevOps baller who's going to make sure we never have another bug, ever (no pressure).

Hedgehog is still looking for kickass software engineers if you happen to know any, or to be one yourself!

It's December so everyone is pondering end-of-year topics. We published a gift guide for crypto lovers. Nick Maggiulli, the COO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, published a roundup of his favorite investment writing in 2021. Okay, those aren't exactly the same thing, but how about Bankless posting an "Ultimate Crypto Tax Guide"? Festive, right?

Tldr: Is Santa technically the OG bagholder?

This Reddit post takes the cake: "I spent 6 hours reading through posts from 2017 to analyze highly shilled coins. Here's the highlight (Viewer discretion is advised)." Let me put it this way: zooming out for a broader perspective is often helpful.

Tldr: If you had invested $100 in each of the shilled tokens and let it ride, you'd have $96k today. Diversification is powerful, and betting on the ecosystem as a whole is smart.

Meanwhile the present is volatile, not least because people keep fighting about what should happen next! Even when change is ultimately for the good, just keeping up with the chaos is stressful.

On the bright side, "2021 was unparalleled in its uniqueness for investors," Ritholtz's Maggiulli wrote. "Bitcoin started the year at $30,000," then briefly flirted with $60,000+ in April and November this year. "Gamestop became a global sensation, NFTs took the world by storm, and so much more. I don't think any year in our lifetimes has been this exciting for investing."

Tldr: Never lose track of the silver linings! That sounds like something Hedgehog's legendary early investor would say 😉

Stablecoins: Everything You Need to Know
Stability in the crypto market? That might sound like a far-fetched concept, but it’s exactly the promise of stablecoins.

Why are people obsessed with cryptocurrencies that try to stay the same value forever? And which ones are the most important? Learn about stablecoins on the Hedgehog blog.

Tldr: 1 Doge will always equal 1 Doge. Ultimate stablecoin? Ultimate. Stable. Coin. #NotFinancialAdvice

While you're in the learning mood, peruse VC firm Andreessen Horowitz’s recommended reading list for understanding DAOs.

Tldr: The more u know 🤓🌈 (the more you can do!)

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