Ding dong, the witch is dead, and I’m Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog, where you can track and trade your whole crypto portfolio. Tired of juggling different exchanges and wallets? Hedgehog makes it convenient to manage every crypto investment in one place 👍

Do we employ actual hedgehogs, are there child-labor laws that pertain to said employment of baby hedgehogs, and are the aforementioned child hedgehog employees our primary devs? Tune in next week for answers to these riveting startup questions.  

However, speaking of non-pig based hogs, happy Groundhog Day! (It was yesterday, Wednesday the 2nd.) The other non-porcine hog that comes to mind is a motorcycle, and I think someone on the team does have one of those. Vroom vroom suckers!

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Here’s the rundown of chatter from these mean streets:

I feel like I’ve read infinite variations on that headline with different big names in tech raising or enlarging their crypto funds. Bear market or no, the crypto sector is firmly lodged within the broader financial economy.

Meanwhile, this is an intriguing headline: “How a Manga-Loving Geek Exposed the Scam Targeting Naruto NFTs.” Strong /r/HobbyDrama energy, but I ain’t mad at it.

Tldr: DAO throbs, ETF sobs, crypto frogs, anime thingy-mcbobs, and damn the co-founder of Reddit has a lot of money.

Gotta be honest, I’m more excited about Hedgehog’s blog than I am about crypto news in general. We just posted “Wrapped BTC 101” which is informative:

Some people invest in bitcoin because they are bullish on the asset, but most are not fans of the user experience bitcoin provides. Thus, opting for WBTC is a popular choice because, with WBTC, you are choosing to follow the price of bitcoin while benefiting from ethereum's utility.

Learn about how it works and what else you can do with wrapped bitcoin 😊

Tldr: Wrapped BTC is what you get when you check the ‘this is a gift’ option when buying Unwrapped BTC on Amazon Prime… right?

Additional things you might have missed from the Hedgeblog:

Tldr: I CALLED IT ‘HEDGEBLOG’, INSTEAD OF ‘HEDGEHOG’. HA! *insert_additional_lowercase_laughter_here*

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Dancing to the tune of my heart,
— Taylor

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