Hakuna Matata. What a wonderful phrase. It means, "Hi, I'm Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog." What's Hedgehog? The cryptocurrency portfolio manager that has your heart, I hope. Y'all know that you have mine. Too sappy? Perhaps. But I found out that my mom actually reads this newsletter, because she acknowledged last week's shoutout 🙏 So I'm turning the sap levels up to 11.

Hedgehog engineers are furiously coding your feature requests. Right now, the mobile app and some black-magic trading upgrades are our top two priorities. Yes, finance does consist of various arcane rituals glued together. Personally, I make an offering to the Bollinger and Ichimoku gods every Monday at 7:30am.

Progress on the interface upgrades and new functionality is zipping along. However, as a developer, I can't promise a specific date. As the CEO, I'll say that I'm making a list and checking that my dreidel spins at least twice before the end of the year 😉

Also, we're hiring!

The Hedgeblog is ramping up:

Binance Coin: What and Why
Why did cryptocurrency exchange Binance create $BNB, also known as Binance Coin, and what is it for? “As one of the world’s most popular utility tokens,” the company claims, “not only can you buy or sell BNB like any other cryptocurrency, but BNB comes with a wide range of applications
Russian Ponzi Schemes, Hyperinflation, and a Teeming Youthful Population: Behind Nigeria’s Vibrant Crypto Scene
“It was easier to learn the ropes, rules, and language of this new financial ecosystem than wait for economic reforms that no one could guarantee or predict.”

Reader Jessica authorized me to share this hilarious story:

I had just installed MetaMask for the first time, so I could upload some art I made to OpenSea. My username was already taken on OpenSea. Now, my username has not been taken in like 7+ years of using it for everything, so I was kind of surprised by this, and a little irritated because it wasn't going to match ALL my other accounts everywhere. So I gave up and forgot about it for a while.

Curiosity later brought me back to OpenSea. I searched for aeoncat, to learn more about this imposter who took my name, right? So I pull up aeoncat's OpenSea profile page and scroll down, fully prepared to be pissed off.

Instead I see CryptoKitties, three of them. Wait a minute, I recognize those kitties! I tried CryptoKitties like a year ago through Coinbase, unaware that it made me an OpenSea account. So then I realize that I'm the imposter! I'm the one who took my username and then I trolled myself 😂😀

Tldr: And she would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those darn kitties.

Informative YouTube videos:

Tldr: Heard you like meta verses, so I put a meta verse in your metaverse so you can meta-metaverse while metaversing. Meta. Verse.

Side note: Can someone explain why and where the term "metaverse" came from? I get it conceptually, but I feel like everyone started wheeling and dealing this term around like crazy in the past few months.

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It's my birthday and I'll buy crypto if I want to,

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