Hi Mom and other readers! It's Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog. My fondest wish is for you to conveniently manage your cryptocurrency portfolio all in one place, no matter how many exchanges and wallets you use.

Naturally that's what my team is working on 😎 Hedgehog is already set up for you to track and trade wherever you like, but we're excited to ship improvements plus new features. Q4 = pedal to the metal.

Two new posts on the Hedgehog blog! AKA Hedgeblog!

Crypto cards for fun and profit 💸

Potentially unfamiliar concept: Actually spending cryptocurrency. With a crypto debit card, because the perks are awesome! So sayeth Sam, based on her experiences using one:

What are crypto cards? 5 big reasons to get one
Crypto isn’t just for retirement savings! A new financial paradigm must include sensible spending tools. Crypto debit cards help create a crypto economy that is functional, accessible, and scalable. Plus the perks are sweeeet.

Real-time incentives for real-time video 🎥

The goal of $THETA and $TFUEL is an equitable decentralized network for ultra-efficient video livestreaming. Jon, a fan and user, introduces the project and explains why he's bullish:

The Crypto Future of Video Livestreaming
How Theta plans to disrupt traditional video livestreaming: better tech, better incentives!

Tldr: No more twitching on Twitch, time for thizzing on Theta! (I jest, I jest, don’t do drugs mmkay?)

You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore, and MakerDao is way hardcore:

  • "The case for Clean Money": founder Rune Christensen issues a crypto call to action for climate change. "Maker can help to fix the broken core of the global financial system itself and the bad incentives that's driving it towards its own demise," he contends. The community will have to vote, but public reaction seems positive thus far.
  • "Wintermute proposed a market-making deal with MakerDAO on Friday via the MakerDAO governance forum," Brady Dale reported. "It requested a loan of 10,000 MKR ($24M) from the DAO in order to provide market-making services for both DAI and MKR, across all kinds of exchanges, for one year." Wintermute is kind of a big deal, and MakerDAO is kind of a big deal, so this is… also… kind of a big deal? Not like… a huge deal, but cool enough to notice-ish?
  • "Official DAI Token Bridge now live on Arbitrum One," expanding DeFi possibilities on the platform. "This means that users are now able to trade, lend, provide liquidity and yield farm with DAI on Arbitrum One," according to the announcement. Neat? Considering I'd never heard of Arbitum One before, all you early adopter degens, lemme know how it goes plz.

Tldr: $24 million MKR isn’t cool. You know what's cool? 24 billion DOGE. #WowSuchDoge

If you had blockchain scaling solutions and "Old Town Road" rapper Lil Nas X on the same bingo card, then we've both been listening to "All Time Lows" by Lil Bubble.

TikTok NFTs provide a way for creators to be recognized and rewarded for their content, and for fans to own a culturally-significant moment on TikTok. The NFTs will be made available on Ethereum and will be powered by Immutable X, which uses StarkWare's innovative technology to create the first carbon neutral Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

TikTok's blog post continues, "Fans can head to a dedicated drop site, where Lil Nas X will be the first creator to launch his one-of-one and limited editions with artist Rudy Willingham." This project sounds like a limited trial, but TikTok is a blockchain-friendly company, so we'll probably see more in the future!

Tldr: TikTok does not matter to me, but I have legitimately been listening to that Lil Bubble song for years, and it's my fucking jam. "I'm gonna ride my alts down to all time lows, I'm gonna buy, till I can't no more…"

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Remember, you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore!

— Taylor