'Sup dorks, it's Taylor. I'm the CEO of Hedgehog, the place where you can manage your crypto portfolio all in one spot by syncing your various different exchanges and wallets. Currently Hedgehog supports 170+ exchanges!

Every week I ask a giveaway question and one lucky winner receives a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Last week I wanted to know your favorite sandwiches, and I learned that the secret to y'all's hearts is muffalettas and Reubens. Understandable 🤤 Reading your answers made me very hungry, by the way. Time to invest in ketchup coins and deli DAOs I guess.

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A couple more things...

The metaverse already exists, no Facebook needed. Err, I mean, The Company Formerly Known As Facebook, AKA Meta.

Ryan S. Gladwin on the Hedgeblog: "To many, the metaverse is open, flexible and liberating. The goal of unprecedented interoperability feels like the next (very) big leap for the metaverse."

But Ryan doesn't see Facebook making that leap — instead he looks to smaller companies and projects already staking a claim on the metaverse. What might evolve from the seeds being planted?

Tldr: Mass adoption for crypto depends on having your Fortnite skins work in both Minecraft and Decentraland.

Tim Cook owns crypto, and Apple is investigating it for Apple Pay:

Tim Cook says he owns cryptocurrency, Apple ‘looking’ at it for Apple Pay
Apple CEO Tim Cook today sat down with Andrew Ross Sorkin for an interview as part of The New York Times DealBook online conference. During the interview, Cook addressed a variety of his usual talking points, including being bullish on the future of AR. One of the more interesting parts of the conve…

Tldr: Wait. Apple doesn't like Fortnite, but mass adoption is based on Fortnite skins... did I just write myself into a corner? Shit.

"The Worm Wriggles Through Times Square Dispensing NFT Blessings (and Tokens)" is an incredibly blessed headline describing an equally blessed story. All hail The Worm!

On a completely different emotional note, "The Promise and Paradox of Decentralization" is a good read on the limits of utopia.

Tldr: The spice must flow, Soylent is people, etc.

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Today I come to you, hat in hand, asking: Does pineapple belong on pizza, or do we team up against pickles?

Better yet, tell me about your favorite off-the-wall pizza concoction. Hedgehog's co-founder and CTO has shed many a tear pondering this answer:

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That's all! Keepin' it short and sweet today so I can get back to work 😎


p.s. Thank you InfinityPi from the Hedgehog Discord for the question idea!

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