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Copernic Space, AdShares, and Lunar Outpost just announced that they are sending a tokenized payload filled with NFTs to space on the next rover mission to the moon. Nothing like partnering up to offer an actual moonshot to attract investors.

Lunar Outpost was also the proud recipient of a 10 cent check from NASA, but that's another story for another time.

Tldr: Do you like crypto? Do you also like moons? Well we’ve got an expensive NFT for you.

For something more down to earff™, why not own a virtual McDonalds that delivers real world items? McDonalds filed ten patents for metaverse delivery of NFTs and physical items. The aim is for an inclusive metaverse experience where virtual entertainment and home food delivery exists.

Tldr: I’ve re-written this paragraph 20 times, and I’m still not positive what it is that McDonalds is doing here. If I were to put my PR hat on, you’d probably find me on the top floor of an office building shouting ‘NFTs! Metaverse! Big Macs!’ while my co-workers threw money at me.

Hey Ethereum, when is ETH 2.0 going to launch? …crickets… No one knows. At least the Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm ranked #6 on MIT’s Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies of 2022.

Tldr: What else is in the top 10? Nothing crazy really. Just a couple vaccines, some green energy technologies, fusion reactors, and skynet.

How about some adoption news? Wyoming is making even more moves to become Crypto inclusive. The latest update is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization Law. This state law offers legal structure for DAO’s to incorporate. Wyoming has seen more Crypto companies making the move like Dragonchain’s announcement to move from Washington to Wyoming in February.

Tldr: DAO now brown cow, Wyoming?

Quick hits:

In Web3 land, NFT Worlds has added a blockchain layer to the game Minecraft. Purchases will include their token $WRLD and claims to be completely frictionless.

Tldr: Blockcraft baby.

NFT Party? Blockdown Festival 2022 extends invitations to digital content creators to take part in the three day festival in Croatia, May 11 - 13th.

Tldr: “It’s like FireFest but for Crypto!” — Uninformed Teenager

Now for the giveaway question.

What’s the best marriage advice you’ve ever received? While “Don’t” is a response, it will not be accepted in this instance.

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