Hey it’s Taylor, and while I might not be feeling 22, I am feeling like the CEO of Hedgehog, the crypto portfolio manager that simplifies your life, whether you’re a trader, a HODLer, or a total newbie. Sync all your exchange accounts and random wallets to finally see your bazillion crypto assets in one place.

Remember, at the end of every newsletter there is a giveaway. Last week I asked what you guys would build on metaverse land if you owned some. Answers ranged from a casino to a giant library. Disappointingly, your answers did not include a giant library/casino hybrid where getting a crappy education is the entire point.

President Biden issued an executive order for government agencies to start examining the risks & benefits of crypto. Who knows if this will lead to productive & useful changes to regulatory policy, but at least we know that it can’t get any worse… right? RIGHT?


‘Merica wakes up from it’s drunken stupor to find itself face-to-face with Stone Cold Satoshi

STONE COLD SATOSHI: “I am the captain now.”
MERICA: “Where am I?”
NARRATOR: “They’re on a boat.”

End scene. Let me know where I should pick up my Oscar.

Friend of the company Grant Dever mentioned Nifty Island, a web3 land project without scarcity: “Every user is greeted with their own island, entirely free, and tasked with building their home in the metaverse. The player is able to build structures, play and create games, import their nft collection, purchase new 3D, metaverse-ready NFTs from our marketplace,” plus social messaging options. Sounds fun!

Tldr: The real question is if users will receive a free Non-Fungible Towel.

Something a lil different: I want to highlight The Defiant as a great DeFi news source. They probably get a link in every newsletter I send. Two recent stories that caught my eye:

“What To Do If MetaMask Has Stopped Working In Your Country” — useful for sanctioned citizens! We love DeFi regulations! Huzzah for more rules!

CoinDesk is the closest thing the crypto industry has to a “paper of record” but The Defiant is more nimble and covers a lot of up-and-coming projects. DYOR before “aping in,” of course!

Tldr: Don’t make me pull this newsletter over. Read it.

Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje, a prolific technologist, got so fed up that he quit DeFi (at least for now).

Tldr: Bye Felicia*!

*note: Yes, I included this article just for that punchline. No, it was not that funny.

Were Apache, Napster and Wikipedia the first DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations)? Andrew O’Brien wrote about this thought experiment: how you would create a DAO in 2010.

Tldr: Someone call Olivia Pope, because this is a #Scandal.

Giveaway time! To be entered to win a Ledger Nano S, just reply to this email with your answer to the question. And that question is… drumroll please… what is the last crypto podcast you listened to that was good? YouTubers are also welcome.

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