Hi, I’m Taylor, and I get to look after Crypto Hedgehog as CEO.

Investing is complicated, crypto is complicated, and investing in crypto can be chaos.

At Hedgehog, we want to make investing in cryptocurrencies simple. Cryptocurrency allows us to bring complicated financial tools to the everyday user, and we strive to educate, guide, and deliver on that ideal every day.

To recap some highlights, in 2019 we brought on Allan Stevo as an advisor (Kraken), added four new members to our core team, drastically expanded our research library, re-designed our portfolio management and wallet tracking tools, built the first stages of our trading architecture, and so much more.

On behalf of our team, thank you for all your support, feedback, and insights on our product. We have a lot of updates and features in the pipeline for 2020, and I’m more than excited to see Hedgehog evolve throughout the year.

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best regards,

Taylor Culbertson & the Crypto Hedgehog Team

Allan Stevo | Advisor

Current Chief of Staff at Kraken and former founding member / head market maker at the Bitcoin Center NYC, Allen is helping to guide our team as we strive to make the best product possible.

Jason Dillion | Lead Programmer

A former program administrator at Panasonic and industrial engineer at Hyliion, Jason is taking the lead on our administrator portal and in charge of integrating payment portals.

Morgan Culbertson | Dir. of Hopscotch

The lead crypto developer at Hehmeyer and lead engineer at Hyliion, Morgan is in charge of building out our backend multi-hop trading experience.

1876 | assets (+6.53%)

24,718 | addresses (+54.43%)

4,399 | feeds (+23.97%)

511 | exchanges & wallets (+43.94%)

16,555 | people & entities (+32.77%)

3,507 | content overviews & films (+368.77%)

2,968 | users

9–17 | # of wallets (average)

29–55 | #of assets (average)

20min | time per session (average)

$30k | portfolio value (average)

95% | referral rate (20:1)


We’ve rebuilt the architecture for our research parsing utility, adding more granular control over our parsing, formatting, and merging functions. Each coin now pulls data from an average of 14 different sources (24,720 in total).


We’ve added hundreds of new wallets, exchanges, and addresses to our system, allowing you to automatically sync and update any address balance from more than 1070 different coins and 133 different exchanges.

We’re currently in the process of building and testing the UI for syncing transaction histories, and expect that feature to start rolling out at the end of Q1.


By networking all your exchanges together, we can map all the possible trade and path combinations that would get you from Coin A to Coin B, allowing us to offer trade prices that are better than any other service.

We’ve completed 80% of the path analysis tool, and are currently in the process of building and testing the UI for manual and auto rebalancing. We expect that feature to begin start rolling out mid-Q2.


Mobile app development and introductory / help screens remain a high priority for us, but realistically need additional resources for on the front-end and design teams in order to speed up that timeline.