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CoinDesk Indices

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Hedgehog has partnered with CoinDesk Indices (CDI), a pioneering provider of digital asset indices since 2014. You can read the announcement here. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in bringing sector investment exposure to the world of cryptocurrency.

At Hedgehog, we believe in making crypto investing easy, while prioritizing risk management and growth potential. Our collaboration with CDI opens up new possibilities for investors, as it allows Hedgehog app users to access automated investing solutions designed to track CDI's highly-regarded crypto sector indices.

The Hedgehog app, available for both iOS and Android, enables you to manage and rebalance your portfolio in a precise and user friendly format. Soon, we will introduce digital asset sectors represented in CDI's select sector indices, covering computing, culture & entertainment, currency, decentralized finance (DeFi), and smart contract platform sectors. Additionally, we are proud to offer exposure to these sectors through a single market solution—the CoinDesk Market Select Index (CMIS), which aggregates all five select sector indices into one.

These indices include:

CoinDesk Computing Select Index (CPUS)
CoinDesk Culture & Entertainment Select Index (CNES)
CoinDesk Smart Contract Platform Select Index (SCPX)
CoinDesk Currency Select Index (CCYS)
CoinDesk DeFi Select Index (DFX)
CoinDesk Market Select Index (CMIS)

The digital asset sectors featured on Hedgehog's platform are based on CDI's Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS), an innovative framework that evaluates and categorizes a broad universe of digital assets into distinct sectors. Only assets meeting specific trading and custody requirements are included in the crypto sector indices, designed to measure the performance of essential segments in the liquid digital asset market.

We're excited to bring you this cutting-edge collaboration, which will open up new investment opportunities and simplify your journey into the crypto market. Watch this space for updates on the launch of Hedgehog's digital asset sectors powered by CoinDesk Indices.

Thank you for being part of the Hedgehog community. We look forward to empowering your crypto investment journey.

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Investments in digital assets and cryptocurrency are Not FDIC Insured, Not SIPC Insured, Not Bank or Government Guaranteed, and May Lose Value. Before investing consider your investment objective, risk tolerance, fees and expenses.

There is no guarantee that the client portfolio or the selected portion of the portfolio will mirror the index or that the performance will be identical. There is risk of portfolio drift and a difference of performance between the Stack and Index based on many factors including market movements, availability of digital assets, size of the client portfolio, among others.