What's goooooood kids. Once again it's Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog, where you can track and trade your whole crypto portfolio in one spot. Right now, in addition to testing our future mobile app, my team is hard at work revamping and upgrading the trading tools, based on your valuable feedback and our radical vision 🚀

(The radical vision being that Hedgehog does more and more of the technical heavy lifting, freeing up your time for what's really important in life — curating only the finest JPEGs for your collection!)

Speaking of feedback, we'd love to have you on Discord! Bonus points if you bring memes, negative points if they're bad memes, and 20 points to Gryffindor for literally any reason you can think of.

Industry happenings this week...

AMC will accept crypto as a payment method.

Walmart will not accept Litecoin as a payment method.

Tldr: Hodling AMC stock in Celsius will now yield 12 popcorn kernels APY. Also a social media guy had a really bad day at work.

A Rekt profile asks, "Was that Solana Summer?" Then immediately SOL goes down for 18 hours. "Welcome to crypto," I find myself saying for the zillionth time.

Solana Labs CEO ​​Anatoly Yakovenko commented on the situation: "solana has the shortest and longest blocks, 400ms to 17h. gotta be the best on every metric" 😂 Props for having a sense of humor.

Tldr: "Solana got absolutely pitted breh!" — some surfer somewhere, probably. Maybe AAVE Autumn is next?

Long, crazy, detailed story about creating a DEX that people actually use, since truly decentralized exchanges didn't exist a few years ago: "Sushi and the Founding Murder."

The mark. Uniswap's remarkable innovation, and critical vulnerabilities.
The plan. How and why Sushi was founded.
The heist. Chef Nomi's ingenious maneuver to bring liquidity to the new exchange.
The murder. A founder on the lam, and how DAOs mete out justice.
The aftermath. The establishment of a headless organization.
The future. Where does Sushi go from here?

If you don't think the current DEX wave actually lives up to the name "decentralized," hoo boy it used to be so much worse!

Tldr: Messy is a synonym of decentralized. Bedraggled, slapdash, slovolic, and yucky are also relevant words that I have typed.

This article about OnlyFans is a well-written deep dive into the banking system, and the way that the DOJ has "weaponized" banking against entire industries.

Tldr: It's fascinating. Read it.

Neat DeFi tutorial from yyctradΞr:

Last week, derivatives trading protocol dYdX airdropped over $1B in tokens to past users.

So, I decided to spend the weekend expanding my DeFi footprint in pursuit of potential future airdrops by checking out Arbitrum and Optimism, two competing Layer-2 solutions using Optimistic Rollups that are yet to issue tokens.

While there's no guarantee that either of the projects will issue or airdrop any tokens, the low opportunity cost makes this a great time to try out these networks.

Crypto homework comes with profit potential! Be wary though... Arbitrum had an outage alongside Solana. You never know how things will go, but that's why it pays to stay up to date!

Tldr: Don't let your dog eat your private keys. This has nothing to do with the article. It's just sound monetary policy.

Lastly, still a bit obsessed with NFTs, #sorrynotsorry:

Tldr: Whole lotta shaking going on, bugs destroy priced art, and the 2007 Kia Sedona is a car that shouldn't be culturally relevant.

As you know, Hedgehog gives away a Ledger Nano S every week. To enter, just respond to this email answering my question. Today I'm asking, if Hedgehog came out with a series of hedgehog mascot NFTs, what should those hedgehogs be named?

So far we have:

H-1000, Dwayne 'The Hedge' Hogson, and Professor Quill seem like strong candidates with no licensing requirements as well.

Now it's your turn, smash that reply-all button and let me know! Bonus points if you build out a backstory. Triple double points if there's a dramatic twist. Love me a good twist.

Tldr: "Will he ever stop asking NFT related questions!?" you silently shout into the void. "Maybe," the void responds, "but it is not this day."

Here's to wearing our sunglasses at night,

— Taylor