Hey, it's Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog, your crypto home base. My company makes it easy to track and trade your entire portfolio in one place. Sorry for the late newsletter — we're doing company planning this week so the whole Hedgehog team has been thinking about workflows, KPIs, all that jazz.

I mean... we always think about those things, but usually they aren't the main event. However, it's important to periodically step back and get some perspective on your approach. By contrast, if you've been zoomed out for too long, dig into the details!

The current Big News™ is El Salvador embracing bitcoin (here's why) while Coinbase and the SEC do the opposite of embracing.

Tldr: "Welcome to the party, pal" — Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple.

Meanwhile, I can't stop pondering NFTs. For example, what if an auction was a spell? The magical kind:

A backstage photo of model Krystall Schott was taken during New York Fashion Week 2016 and became the uncredited #1 search for "face" on Google. After years of being unable to counter her algorithmic curse, smart contract technology has made it possible for Krystall to reclaim authority over her face and narrative.

Accursed Share's genesis piece, the 1/1 Curse NFT, is a 4K 3D-image of Krystall Schott produced by PROTAGON, the visual effects wizards for Marvel. It is the first NFT to integrate Chainlink’s revolutionary Keeper technology to create the first dynamic NFT to evolve in response to the changing price of Ethereum.

This NFT has a couple different states based on the price of ETH. When number go up it will display positive 3D renderings, when number go down the displays will be negative, when ETH hits 20k it will enter its "fully blessed form," and I assume that if the price of ETH declines by 80% it will simply set itself on fire and explode.

It is an unprecedented, interactive work of art that will restore non-fungibility to the most intimate intangible: a human face. The purchase of Curse NFT will lift Krystall's curse by turning it into a blessing that rewards her in perpetuity.

Tldr: Art is cool. Weird. But cool.

If that's too metaphysical for you, how about mf BATTLE DROIDS? (Giant robots also count as art; also super cool.) The public sale was yesterday, but NFT gaming is killer and we're gonna keep seeing more of it.

The Droid war has been going on for years. On one side, Theos. The company surged to power with their breakthrough AI and now controls the planet’s most valuable resources. On the other side, The Community, a ragtag rebel group determined to bring Theos down. In a world of good vs. evil, which side are you on?

8,888 Droids to be minted. 4,444 Community Droids. 4,444 Theos Droids. Each Droid has [...] more than 209 different types of traits in total, allowing for 6,047,268,864,000 unique combinations.

CTO Colton showed me this project. Plus a more mysterious ARG (alternate reality game) called Lost Poets, if you're jonesing for a rabbit hole to plunge down!

Tldr: Droid-infested metaverses are nightmare fuel.

Last but never ever least, you haven't forgotten DOGE right? If you need a refresher, Hedgehog engineer Jacek made a dope website called Dogecoin Is Awesome.

Tldr: Everything is awesome. Dogecoin is also awesome. Henceforth therefore I digress that by the transitive property of math, Dogecoin is everything.  

My previous closing question was, what's your dream NFT? The intriguing, creative answers were much appreciated. As usual — y'all are constantly blowing my mind! My favorite comes from a self-described NFT skeptic:

If I had to pick an ideal NFT, I would probably try to purchase something like a famous Git SHA — maybe something like the first commit SHAs of the Rust compiler, or the Linux kernel. I suppose if I'm going to commodify digital information, it should be information of historical importance and rarity. Famous open source code contributions might fit the bill.

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Eat, Pray, Love,

– Taylor

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Header photo by Matt Brown.