Cowabunga dudes, it's Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog, the crypto portfolio manager that lets you see your whole portfolio in one place, across various exchanges and wallets.

"I'm planning on holding my crypto long-term so I want to earn as much passive income from it as possible," an appropriately genericized user recently shared. "I've got crypto on 3 exchanges (whoever is offering the highest interest rate at the time) and staked from my own desktop wallet. So, I use Hedgehog and a spreadsheet to give me a quick view of the overall health of my portfolio."

I love to hear it! Hopefully we can replace that spreadsheet too 🙏 A big part of the original inspiration for Hedgehog was how annoying it is to maintain a spreadsheet when you have an even slightly complex crypto portfolio.

Reminder, my friends: Hedgehog devs are hard at work on the mobile app and you can sign up to be notified as soon as it's available! Plus another reminder: There's a giveaway at the end of every newsletter. You, yes you, might win a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Somebody gets one every week.

While I’ve got you here, we also just added support for the following blockchains:

  • ADA: Cardano
  • ALGO: Algorand
  • ATOM: Cosmos
  • BCH: Bitcoin Cash
  • BITB: BeanCash
  • BNB: Binance Coin (currently BNB only)
  • BSV: Bitcoin SV
  • BTC: Bitcoin xPub address support added
  • DOGE: Dogecoin
  • DOT: Polkadot
  • GRS: Groestlcoin
  • KSM: Kusama
  • ROSE: Oasis Network
  • TRX: Tron
  • XLM: Stellar

Two words: Robot Bull.
Five words: Robot Bull with Laser Eyes.
More than five words: "Miami Mayor Unveils Laser Eyes Robot Bull Statue at Bitcoin Conference"

Tldr: See above.

We haven't talked about NFTs in a minute. Here's a crazy awesome idea: What if NFTs could help balance the power differential between landlords and tenants?

When living in a BlockPark property, if you pay your rent on time, you will be rewarded! 3% of your rent will be paid back to you in the form of their crypto token, PROP. If rent isn't paid on time those tokens go back into the property to be reinvested. A win-win for both tenants and landlords.

Hedgehog correspondent Ryan S. Gladwin unpacked the details in an interview with the founder and CEO of BlockPark. Check it out!

Tldr: If there's one thing landlords love, it's block parties. #RageFest2008 #NeverForget

We're not done talking about NFTs: Financial analyst Byrne Hobart writes that NFTs offer "the most efficient market for converting money into status (and vice versa) at favorable rates. And the richer humanity gets, the more incremental spending is determined by such concerns, rather than by questions of food and shelter."

He cautions: "But this is only true if a) status can be bought, and b) NFTs, especially secondary purchases at high prices, are a way to transfer status." Also: "An NFT drop is an attempt to create a new status ladder, and to profit from auctioning off every single rung." Like I said, fascinating.

Tldr: Hypothetically, if one of my 'friends' had an extensive collection of NFPs (Not Fried Potatoes), what's the most efficient way to convert said potatoes into social status?

Latest on the HedgeBlog, plus random interesting links...

  • "Who is Andre Cronje? And, does him leaving crypto matter?" Burnout, man, it's brutal. Especially in this situation: "This was by no means an attempted rug pull. But a project with a billion-dollar market cap dropping by such a huge amount is serious."

Tldr: I feel like rugs used to be a lot cheaper… and when did these carpet-bagging bigwigs start charging you to pull your own rug!? Ridiculous.

Tldr: You'll never believe #7!

Tldr: All I know is that Bed, Bath & Beyond physically mails me 30% off coupons on the regular, and I still don't shop there. Terra isn’t Bed, Bath & Beyond though.

Tldr: Maybe they should've gone to Harvard.

Tldr: Example use-case, "What are my bags worth?"

A couple of recent giveaway questions have focused on life advice. I was curious what you guys would offer, and you did not disappoint!

How to build a wonderful marriage, according to Hedgehog newsletter readers: Remember that you love each other. Nurture the magic. Focus on what unites you rather than what divides you.

For teens, how to start adult life right: Minimize debt but do build credit. Don't take yourself too seriously because in a decade you'll realize that your younger self was an idiot. (Can confirm. But do people ever stop being idiots? No comment.)

Also this gem: "My advice at this point would be to question anything and everything that anyone else is trying to convince you of. Think for yourself, trust your gut, love your people, don't forget to breathe, and when the sun don't shine, let the rain just cleanse your mind." Amen to that!

Building on those themes, here is this week's giveaway question: What's a dumb mistake that you made at some point in your life — either recently or long ago — and how did you learn from it? Upward and onward 🚀 To enter the giveaway, just reply to this email with your answer. You might become the lucky owner of a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

And if your answer is really good I might put it in the newsletter!

"I'm a mama's boy so you gotta meet my mama first. As you whip the coupe around, use the seat belt first."

Lil' Boat,
— Taylor

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