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Hi, this is Sonya 👋 Recently you guys responded to Taylor’s request for podcast and YouTuber recommendations. Tons of love for Coin Bureau in particular, I was impressed! The channel’s video about crypto transaction fees was specifically highlighted.

Four more podcast episodes that people liked enough to share:

  • The Forex Master Pattern. Watching this video changed my profit margin from the negative to the positive.” Obligatory: Please be careful, there are no guarantees. It’s useful to find out what resources helped other people, 100%, but even so you need to be in the habit of taking everything with a grain of salt. What worked for someone else may not work for you. All that said, “changed my profit margin from the negative to the positive” is a damn good reason to recommend a video!
  • The Future of Bitcoin Banking with Bill Barhydt on What Bitcoin Did: “Bitcoin started as a cypherpunk experiment, but its sound monetary properties have led to it becoming a real lifeboat for those who are economically adrift. With the banks losing momentum, is Bitcoin mature enough to take up the slack?” Side note, the world cannot decide whether or not to capitalize bitcoin 😭 I see it both ways like every single day.
  • How NFTs can Transition the World into an Ownership Economy on The Survival Podcast: “When I say ownership economy I am talking about having a vested interest in the success of businesses and companies that you really love and want to succeed. At the same time being able to know your contract with them will be enforced in a trustless manner by technology with zero need of the state.” Worth pointing out that the government doesn’t care if you don’t want regulators involved, they’re gonna show up regardless. But this is an interesting model of the future and certainly worth pondering.
  • “It was a podcast called Changing the Tide hosted on a platform called Fountain that supports broadcasters by allowing listeners to contribute sats via the Lightning Network. The specific podcast was by the low-key famous and extremely knowledgeable blockchain expert John Cantrell.

Enjoy! I hope you learn something.

The Hedgeblog is 🔥 lately if I do say so myself, which I do. Check out the latest heat:

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— Sonya (on behalf of Taylor)

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