'Sup, it's Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog, the company that makes it easy to watch and maintain your cryptocurrency investment plans in one spot. Even when the plan is as simple as "number go up plz," good to know whether it's working, right?

Happy Thursday! A recent giveaway winner shared this unboxing snapshot:

Usually I end with the Ledger Nano S giveaway, to reward the most dedicated readers. But the rest of y'all need love too 💖

This week's giveaway question: Hypothetically speaking, if you'd just raised $2.7 million from investors, what's the most irresponsible purchase you would make? Enter to win a Ledger hardware wallet (Hedgehog-compatible, naturally!) by simply responding to this email.

Personally, I would hypothetically purchase a thousand puppies from a hypothetical breeder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and hypothetically name them all David.

Should I mix it up? What else is a cool crypto-related prize? I definitely want to turn those sticker designs into NFTs… Hedgehog hoodies are a no-brainer but logistically difficult due to humans coming in all sorts of different sizes. Not from the T-rex perspective though... to him each of us looks like a quick mouthful!

(Does crypto Jurassic Park exist? One quick search later, I am acquainted with four different dinosaur NFT projects, including Alien Samurai Dino Warriors carrying mall-ninja lightsabers.)

Hedgehog sent reporter Ryan S. Gladwin to the Cardano Summit to watch for the top 10 most interesting announcements, including telecom partnerships, Chainlink integration, and the launch of a new stablecoin called Djed.

Charles Hoskinson said: "Give them billions of tools and they'll have a revolution. They'll build a better society than we have today. Hopefully, they'll build that on Cardano."
Cardano Summit 2021: Highlights
Imagine a world with no corruption, equal rights, NFTs, and flying stingrays. Radical ideas and grueling issues were tackled every hour. Is the world IOHK hopes to create with Cardano unrealistic or the next best thing? Judge for yourself.

Learn more about Hoskinson's better society, and how ADA could help make it happen. Crypto for eldercare robotics, who knew?!

Links I liked:

Tldr: A little alliteration, a lot of information.

A few weeks ago I answered your questions. Here's one I get asked constantly: "Which coin do you think is the most exciting? Which one will have the most real-world impact and not wind up as another meme coin?"

The most honest answer is: I don't know. Sure, I'm just as crazy about Ethereum as ever, and DOGE will always have a special place in my heart. I can tell you that ADA, SOL, AAVE, and SUSHI have been buzzing, and dYdX pumped this week.

But which project will be even hotter in a decade, with longevity like bitcoin? It’s easy to make guesses, but the real answer is undetermined; shrouded in the mystery of the future. The metaverse is an ad hoc, distributed MMORPG to discover the answer — actually, to create the answer.

You're not a spectator, you're a player! Your own priorities and choices will affect the results.

Coin maximalists try to convince everybody to pick a faction, but I prefer fucking around to find out, AKA the scientific method. Did I tell you I bought an NFT recently? Geez was that ever a process. We'll have to discuss it soon.


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