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Quick newsletter this time, since we're celebrating Thanksgiving here in the United States. I'm bouncing from Cali to the East Coast to visit my family for the first time since the pandemic started (yay!) but crypto sleeps for no one, not even after a turkey roast (yay?).

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Last week I asked for your favorite Nic Cage movie. Let me tell you, I did not expect Con Air to get that much love. Solid choice though, I respect it. Shoutout to the Raising Arizona fans, but I can't believe no one mentioned Peggy Sue Got Married, which features Cage as a high-school heartthrob! That's a sight worth beholding — get your act together, folks.

The WAX blockchain is an easy option for playing with NFTs, one that is "certified carbon neutral." Playing as in experimenting, but also playing as in "play to earn," the NFT gaming paradigm that has taken off in 2021. The team behind WAX has partnered with beloved brands from Hot Wheels to The Princess Bride to create scarce digital collectibles. If you're interested in nostalgic IP and don't want to spend a ton on ETH gas fees, WAX is the collectibles platform for you.

Tutorial: Start Collecting NFTs on the WAX Blockchain
The WAX blockchain offers a low-cost and accessible platform for learning about NFTs. Ready to begin investing in digital collectibles? Take 30 minutes to follow these steps and get acquainted with WAX.

There are also many independent WAX projects to explore — including on the Hedgehog Discord! Come hang out in the #nft channel to hear what people are working on. As I've mentioned before, dedicated Hedgehog NFTs are basically an inevitability... we're working on it! Stay tuned, and get your WAX wallet ready.

Tldr: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my mother. Prepare to be NFT'd." — some unpaid intern somewhere probably

Royal is a neat idea: "We're building a platform where you can buy ownership in songs directly from your favorite artists and earn royalties with them." Musician 3LAU, Royal’s cofounder, wrote that "music creates outsized value in our world relative to the ways in which it is currently monetized." As an artist with 1 billion streams, he oughta know!

Tldr: Tokenize all the things! 3LAU is great though.

Parcel plans to launch a marketplace that specializes in digital real estate in the metaverse. "We'll be competing with OpenSea directly. Grand vision: we want to be the niche marketplace for virtual land users," CEO Noah Gaynor told The Defiant.

Tldr: Time for a new type of real estate bubble! WOOOOO!

MoonPay raised a ton of money, $555 million to be exact. Wait, $555 million is still a ton of money, right? Venture funding in 2021 is weird... "The fund will be used to scale up [Moonpay's] crypto payment ambitions, driving mainstream adoption of digital assets and NFTs." It's important for people to be able to buy crypto with traditional payment methods, which is what MoonPay currently facilitates.

Tldr: MoonPay to the moon! I bet no one has ever said that before. Also, isn't that more money than FTX raised? #NotFinancialAdvice

Have you always wanted to own a balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but never had the room for it? Well, it’s your lucky day, punk: You can now buy Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon NFTs.

Tldr: *insert clever joke about balloons, bubbles, and Macy's love of money here*

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