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Every week I send a newsletter with my thoughts on the crypto-sphere, and give away a Ledger Nano S to someone who responds to the question at the bottom of this email. Some of you read this newsletter. Some of you don't. But you know what? My mom continues to talk to me about it, and so long as she reads it, I figure I’ll keep writing 'em.

Speaking of Mom, she's been diving deep into Celsius lately, and she's even been doing a bunch of crypto transfers on her own. Think about that for a moment. Let it sit in just how far this space has come. Three years ago, that never would have happened, and let me tell you, it has me freaking jazzed.

Things from around town:

Cream was hacked for $130 million, and the vulnerability was the same exploit used in the infamous DAO hack, confirming my suspicions that both everything and nothing has changed in crypto for the last five years.

Tldr: Crypto Rules Everything Around Me. C.R.E.A.M.

Bitcoin established a new all time high, as did Shiba Inu. Technically, Shiba Inu's new market cap makes it more valuable than Robinhood.

Tldr: Forget FAANG, just start stockpiling digital puppies. You know what? Forget the mobile app, "Bunker Puppies™ by Hedgehog" is the next big thing. 100%.

FTX raised $420 million last week. As of right now, they could technically purchase 10% of all SHIB tokens, 20% of the Buffalo Bills, or 2,000 lamborghinis.

Tldr: $420 million is a lot of money.

El Salvador doubles down on bitcoin and buys the dip, cheekily acquiring a slightly suspect sum of 420 (~$25 million USD) more for the collection. This news follows closely behind their announcement of volcano-powered bitcoin mining operations. I don't know what's in that El Salvadorian water, but I want a glass.

Tldr: Whale-watching in El Salvador would be fun.

The SEC is supposedly not allowing a leveraged bitcoin ETF. Meanwhile, BitMex allows you to 100x margin long any asset, anytime. The juxtaposition of a financial regulator saying, "Hey! That's too risky! Not allowed!" with the crypto space saying, "Who are you again and who invited you to my party?" absolutely fascinates me, and serves as a reminder that we're quite literally in the midst of a complete paradigm shift.

Tldr: One day we'll have a leveraged Bitcoin ETF, but 'tis not this day.

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BRB, FaceTiming with my mom,

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