Hello again! This is Taylor, CEO of Hedgehog, the platform that makes it easy to manage your entire cryptocurrency portfolio in one place. Every Thursday I send a note about Hedgehog, the crypto ecosystem, and making it in the modern world.

Because that’s what you really care about, right? Securing a future for yourself, a legacy for your loved ones, and a better status quo for both...but if we’re being honest with ourselves, the most important thing is owning comically large amounts of Dogecoin (#NotFinancialAdvice).

This leads to my big question this week: Meme coins. What’s your favorite? Why? MAY THE BEST COIN WIN! Next week I’ll let you know how this hype contest goes.

Recent news that caught my eye, plus other interesting finds. Follow your curiosity — click when you want to know more, move on when you don’t.

From the community:

Housekeeping: Ledger Nano S raffle winner #2 has been contacted. Prizes will be in the mail — along with snazzy Hedgehog stickers — posthaste (pun intended 📬). We ordered a bunch of Ledgers, so we’ll definitely be giving away more. Stay tuned to find out how 😎

I hope you haven’t forgotten the comically large amount of $DOGE that I mentioned earlier! To that end, Hedgehog Discord member AussieNikolai launched “a ‘Break in Emergency’ hardware wallet for when dogecoin goes to the moon!...or just an awesome desk ornament forever.” $38 on Etsy.

Also in the Hedgehog Discord community, Daveyfresh1 has been sharing his sick neo-noir artwork:

From the Investors:

When asked about the current state of the crypto market, early Hedgehog investor Ricky Lobel shared this inspiring nugget of wisdom:

42-year Zamboni driver David Ayres was happy with his life. He had dreams of playing in the NHL as a goalie but his skill level sadly did not allow for it. He got to be the Zamboni driver for his favorite hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs and has a beautiful family. The ice never had been shaved better, it has been said.

One day the Carolina Hurricanes were in town. In freak accidents both the starting and backup goalies were injured during the game. They needed a goalie and had nowhere left to turn... except. In their time of need, they turned to David Ayres. You see, he was also a pickup goaltender in a local beer league.

David came on the ice with 30 minutes left and proceeded to shut the door against his favorite team and employer, only allowing one goal.

Now a movie is being made and David's long forgotten NHL dream really did come to pass. Gotta love happy endings!

There’s a lot more where that came from 😎 I’ll be highlighting a few faves in future editions of this newsletter, in fact...

Later nerds,