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As a token of appreciation for your trust and attention, we're starting a weekly raffle of Ledger Nano S hardware wallets. Anyone with a verified account on Hedgehog is already entered in the giveaway by default, no action needed! We may switch things up in the future, but right now, we just wanna say thank you 💚 The first winner will be contacted via email within the next week.

The current state of the crypto ecosystem is overwhelming, especially for newbies — though it's still much more accessible than it used to be. My co-founder Colton, Hedgehog's CTO, summed things up in a comment on tech-industry forum Hacker News...

We like to say that cryptocurrency is like international waters: if you have your own boat and some know-how you can easily get out there and do whatever you like. But not everyone knows how to sail! There's still a lot of need for barges and cruise liners to help average people get from port to port.

Heck, even if you do know how to sail, maintaining a boat is famously a pain in the ass. Let alone a ship-shape vessel fit to cross oceans!

Colton's comment is from our launch post on Hacker News. Check out the conversation for sharp questions and our detailed responses. We appreciate the community's attention and curiosity about Hedgehog!

Despite its focus on up-and-coming technology, the website has a reputation for reflexive crypto skepticism, but you can still find debates between enthusiasts, like this thread about the pros and cons of Solana.

I’ve got a couple of fun tidbits to share from our own community. A Redditor talked shit about Hedgehog ads, so we commissioned him to make a better one. Hey, the guy said he could, so we called his bluff 😏 And in /u/themaloneranger's defense, the ad came out great!

Hello fellow apes! u/themaloneranger thought our ads sucked. So we hired him to make a better one. : Crypto-Hedgehog
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We’re stoked that Hedgehog users are so creative and playful. On Discord, AussieNikolai shares updates on the "emergency DOGE" kit that he's creating:

Twelve links to understand the crypto ecosystem better, whether you're freshly getting started or brushing up on fundamentals:

Reminder: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Any "individual" bitcoin (so to speak) has the same utility as any other individual bitcoin, in the sense that 1 BTC = 1 BTC. NFTs are different; each one is unique. That's the non-fungible part.

Until next time, stay frosty.

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