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Would you step into the Goose Cube? I assume your first question is what the heck I’m talking about. Glad you asked: “The room-sized Goose Cube is a tech-enabled art experience that takes people to a new world. Each is designed and built by our community then toured around the world.” That clarifies things, right? Perhaps the illustration from the website will help:

diagram of the Goose Cube from GEESE DAO

What’s really interesting is that this whole concept comes from an organization galled GEESE DAO: “We design and build Goose Cubes. When a Goose Cube sells a ticket, it is converted into our crypto token. This is then redistributed back [to] our members.”

I only just found out this existed. I’m surprised to learn that the Goose Cube already debuted at Comic Con in September 2021. Apparently 10,000+ people “have entered the Goose Cube.”

Normally, this is where I’d put a tldr that says something aggressively witty, like “ENTER THE GOOSE CUBE,” but wait… there’s more:

We will use $Geese as the default standard for pay to team members, collaborators, supply chain and everything in between. This will allow us to use smart contracts to automate the design, build and supply chain processes.

Gotta love paying employees with a depreciating asset in the middle of global market uncertainty.  

Tldr: Is $GEESE 100% collateralized with real geese? Can Goose Cube employees request payment in the form of said geese? What happens when the geese mutiny?

On the topic of DAOs, trying to get these freewheeling collectives to agree on something specific is… difficult. There is always drama is DAO-land!

“MakerDAO Jolts its Members with Bold Governance Proposals
Tldr: I prefer my governance proposals to be semi-bold.

Lido Voters Reject Limiting Growth In Key Move For Eth2”
Tldr: Eth2 still needs more cowbell.

“Dissecting the DAO: Web3 Ownership is Surprisingly Concentrated
Tldr: Fun fact, DAOJs (Decentralized Autonomous Orange Juice) is also surprisingly concentrated.

Meanwhile, one-time web3 darling Axie Infinity is struggling and the users are trying to rally: “gaming guilds DAOs, revenue-sharing collectives that connect Axie asset owners with players in exchange for a cut of profits, are jumping into the breach to help players weather the downturn.”

Still, return on investment has declined precipitously: “In March, [Yield Guild Games] took in roughly $26,000 from SLP [one of Axie’s tokens], down from July 2021’s peak of more than $329,500.”

Tldr: Less Money, Less Problems?

Here’s the last tragic Celsius news: “Crypto exchange operator FTX looked at making a deal with troubled crypto lender Celsius but ultimately walked away, two people with knowledge of the matter told The Block.” Why? “Celsius had a $2 billion hole in its balance sheet and FTX found the company difficult to deal with, one of the sources said.” Welp.

Tldr: Pro tip, when you need $2 billion stat, that’s a good time to be easy to work with.

Quick Hits

“Coinbase Is Reportedly Selling Geolocation Data to ICE,” but it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. Apparently Coinbase offers a Chainalysis-type service: “All Coinbase Tracer features use data that is fully sourced from online, publicly available data, and do not include any personally identifiable information for anyone, or any proprietary Coinbase user data,” according to a spokesperson.
Tldr: Uh sweetie I believe it’s called surveillance capitalism.

More info on the Solana phone project: “Solana Labs has ‘about’ 10 people working on its Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) initiative, according to Austin Federa. The company, which develops the Solana blockchain, had 71 full-time employees.”
Tldr: But will I need to sell my Solana to buy minutes? This is still my #1 question about this project.

Influential investor Nic Carter wrote "a eulogy for bitcoin maximalism.”
Tldr: Not to be confused with Nick Carter, brother of Aaron Carter, who infamously invited everyone to “Come Get It” at a party while his parents were out of town. The early 2000s were a time.

A happy one! Check out this podcast by a reader of the newsletter — it’s not crypto-related but I wanted to share anyway: Howm, AKA Hang Out with Musicians, where the hosts “spend good quality, intentional time with their musician friends so that you can enjoy them too!”
Tldr: Groovy tunes come from groovy people.

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In the meantime, just call me……. Lil TBD.

— Taylor

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