Notes about our v1.2 release

v1.2 | Inkling

| Trading has been expanded to the address cards to make trading even easier

| Balance syncing moved to the server for improved speed and security

| New onboarding flow to remove some friction points users reported

| Our new and improved landing page has been reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up


| Trading on address cards

| New onboarding flow

UI & Effects

| Added shimmer component to the landing page to improve the user's loading experience

Performance / Bug Fix

| Trading
In some cases, trades were being rejected by our system due to a missing variable

| Account Verification
Users were unable to verify their account without being authenticated

| Stale Market Data
On the landing page, outdated market data was being displayed

| Updating Password
Users were unable to update passwords after authenticating

| Upgraded Webpack and Other Dependencies
We spent some time paying off tech debt by updating dependencies

| Cross-Browser Bugs
After an audit of the app on all major browsers, we crushed some cross-browser styling bugs (looking at you, Safari)

Work In Progress

| Defi

| Order Syncing

| Implementing a more performant and modern library for graphs

| Mobile app