SuperSisters is a feminist NFT project, with a personal touch but planetary ambitions. Creator Kimberly Faith is dedicated to working with other women to usher in "an era centered in love, compassion and hope." The ladies involved range from 19 to 84 years old — a true all-ages endeavor! The collection's current floor price on OpenSea is 0.06 ETH, equivalent to $78 at the time of writing, a cost that is accessible but still means business.

The best way to illustrate the tongue-in-cheek fantastical realm of the SuperSisters is by introducing a few of the 12 existing characters:

  • Charissa, whose ability to manipulate the emotions of people around her "works a bit like a scent diffuser, but with magic."
  • Civic-minded Heather: "Her hammer packs a whopping 21 gigatons of force, and she uses it to knock down old, decrepit buildings and structures," which she then rebuilds in her own vision using a miraculous 3D pen.
  • Tina, who can see the array of likely future timelines and communicates with her allies via animal messengers. That's not all: "on the off chance something goes wrong and someone ends up hurt, she can use the clocks in her wings to rewind time for a few minutes, giving the heroes another chance at their missions."

Kim Faith's own eponymous SuperSister presents a "supersize" version of her mission to improve the world by building community:

The big heart on her chest piece is the centerpiece of her Systems Buster suit, as well as the concentration point for her Light Overcharge Velocity Expulsion (or L.O.V.E.) beam, which is a big laser. It has two modes: one for attack and one that heals whoever is caught in its light.

The three gemstones on her gauntlets are the source of her suit's power. They are harmony gems of love, faith and hope, crystalized concentrations of humanity's best qualities, and she can direct their energy as she sees fit. Her boots are equipped with rockets in the soles, and her cape is woven of ultra-strong titanium microfibers. When it carries the current of the gem's energy, it become near impenetrable.

Kim was kind enough to talk to Hedgehog about the evolution of SuperSisters and the project's individualized approach to character creation.

How would you describe your art and your community?

Our art is one of a kind as it offers a customized superhero highlighting the superpowers of the women involved with the collection. It really drives home our message of "you are the hero you seek."  We believe women will invest their money differently in order to uplift humanity. This projects seek to inspire, equip, and build a community of women who will plant seeds of hope across the globe that we can create a future of abundance.

What makes your NFT project different from other NFT projects?

Most NFT projects have pre-determined traits that create unique combinations during the mint process resulting in slight variations of the same art. With SuperSisters, we personally work with you to design and customize the art, background, and superpowers from the ground up by speaking face to face via Zoom.

We believe scaling effectively requires doing the "unscalable." One-on-one relationships, which we further develop using the "matchmaking" system within our community platform Heartbeat. This method inspires relationships and collaborations in a way that is difficult to do using the traditional "shotgun" method of most projects, where they dump a ton of information into a pool of community members and hope they figure it out.

Do you have collaborators, and if so how did you connect with them?

We are building new relationships every week as this project unfolds. Right now our focus is on the Heartbeat community as we chose to use this platform to build community instead of Discord. How can you build a community to change the world in a positive way on an app whose name literally means "a lack of harmony."

How did you start building your community?

We built a vibrant community a few years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, due to the award-winning book I published which was recently released in Korean as well. Our SuperSisters NFT project was a natural expansion from this passionate group of women.  Transferring our following from in-person events and experiences to a digital online community continues to be a work in progress.

What is your overall goal and what does success look like for you?

I have a bold vision to "birth" 144 female millionaires across twelve countries. The first milestone will be to have our genesis SuperSisters span twelve countries. Right now we have five countries involved. The more women we can educate about the unique opportunities in web3, the better. We have a lot of work to do to bring more women into this space, and we're committed to the long game.

Who are your creative influences?

We were inspired by the excitement these SuperSisters generated well before the NFT boom of 2021. Women were able to see their ideal superpowers manifested into visual form with these characters. Each of them brought unique traits and ideas to creating their SuperSister, and it snowballed from there into the project you see today.

Are there any other artists or projects that you would like to work with in the future?

Too many to name here, literally every day we see artists and project we'd love to work with. Boss Beauties is a favorite, along with Women Rise and VeeFriends. Our main focus right now is solidly building our own project with a long-term focus in mind so we can benefit the broader web3 community, and world, in the future.

How did you decide which blockchain was the best fit for your NFTs?

This was a tough decision because the space is moving so quickly. We have launched on the Ethereum blockchain but future collections might broaden to include others as innovation continues to take root. One of the most exciting things about Web3 and this space of digital art is that the sky is the limit.

Do you have any advice for the next artist getting into NFTs?

Simply start moving. Don't wait for everything to be perfect or to plan too much. One of the lessons we learned early on is to simply put one foot in front of the other. It is easy to become overwhelmed due to the significant learning curve and all of the options that are available. It is easy to become paralyzed by all of the choices. Simply start moving and trust your path as it unfolds.

Any other details I should make sure to include?

Learn more about the project at and if you are compelled to become a superhero yourself, purchase a SuperPass to have your very own customized character or better yet, gift it to a woman in your world that you want to remind of just how powerful she really is.

You can also check out the SuperSisters collection on OpenSea.