Clarity in the chaos.

Okay, let's be real: Crypto investing but sane. In this cutting-edge, lightning-fast industry we all end up feeling a little crazy. On the bright side, together we can figure it out. You in?

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is overwhelming, and headaches increase the deeper you go down the rabbithole. Investing is a way more frustrating experience than it should be, whether you're buying digital assets for the first time or the thousandth. Bitcoin is over a decade old, but it still feels like the Wild West, panning for gold with makeshift, rusty tools. That's what I'm on a mission to change.

Hi, I'm Taylor, the CEO of Hedgehog. We've built an all-in-one dashboard for tracking and trading your cryptocurrency investments. We support nearly any token or wallet and all of the popular exchanges. Better yet, it's 100% free to manage your portfolio through our platform. For the crypto ecosystem to help ordinary people thrive, as Satoshi Nakamoto and other visionaries intended, everyone needs access to tools that enable effective investing strategies. We have the partnerships to make it happen.

If the goal of crypto currencies are to give the power back to the people, then we should strive to and give-back as much as possible.

Intelligent investing, responsible research, and diversification seems like a good place to start.

Our goal: cut through the chaos and provide clarity. Hedgehog takes care of the boring stuff so that you can focus on making the decisions that you actually care about. I used to spend 30 hours a week juggling spreadsheets full of transaction IDs because I wanted to approach cryptocurrency investing as rigorously as traditional financial assets. Doing that is how my cofounders and I learned what a pain it is to maintain a balanced portfolio by hand.

So, this newsletter? We'll keep you posted on Hedgehog the product, and a little bit about Hedgehog the company, when we have news. But we're also going to talk about making sense of cryptocurrency investing when the industry is so chaotic. Like I said before, we can figure it out together!

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