Hedgehog customer success lead Jon Hope is back with another Q&A.

Jennifer Sutto, AKA JennyFromTheBlockchain.eth, is one of the hardest-working content creators in the NFT space. I found Jennifer through her NFT Weekly Update, a short-form video series posted on her Twitter account, @jennifer_sutto. These videos highlight the top stories from the week along with big launches and project updates. From there, I realized that Jenny is also a huge part of two other crypto projects. She is the co-host of the NFT Catcher Podcast along with Michael Keen and head of marketing at Evaluate.Market.

The NFT Catcher Podcast has been running for over a year and at the time of this writing has just over 90 episodes. Guests range from all over the NFT space and the lineup has been impressive. Gary Vee was on the show following The VeeCon Experience.

The shows are very engaging and have something for everyone. For those with a lot of experience in the NFT space there is enough content concerning ongoing projects and insider information. For the absolute newcomer, everything is explained in a way that feels inclusive and warm. For me personally, I really like to experience content framed this way as I love to recommend shows like this to friends wanting to learn more about NFTs.

Evaluate.Market is a Web3 tool that allows users to track and monitor their NFT portfolios across marketplaces and blockchains. Every project on Ethereum with over 1,000 in volume is added to the list of supported projects. Users can discover new and upcoming NFT projects as well as track their own NFTs using analytic tools. One very popular collection and where Jennifer was discovered by Evaluate. Market is the Top Shot collection. Check out Jennifer's Top Shot Youtube Channel for all the latest on that collection.

Recently I connected with Jennifer to learn more about her work.

What kind of person makes up the majority of your audience?

NFT collectors, artists, traders, content creators, founders, devs, enthusiasts, etc.

You are involved in three successful projects. How did these come about and what should people know about them?

Evaluate Market: analytics site where you can manage your NFT portfolio across multiple blockchains, wallets, and marketplaces. Back in March 2021 one of the co-founders, Christian, reached out to bring me on the team after seeing my YouTube videos about NBA Top Shot where I would use data from Evaluate Market. I started out running Social/Community and 9 months later in Feb 2022, I was promoted to Head of Marketing. We've had over 1 million users on our site and we're constantly working on making improvements and adding new features.

NFT Catcher Pod: a podcast I started in August 2021 as a passion with my co-host Michael Keen and producer Andy. We record 2x a week putting out weekly recaps on the big news in the NFT space and interviews with some of the top builders and collectors. We are 90+ episodes in with over 280k downloads in 13 months!

Find the NFT Catcher Pod on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

On Twitter, I'm mostly known for my NFT vlogs + NFT Weekly Update videos. I love creating short-form content. It's fun for me! So, naturally, when I started going to NFT events, I decided to start putting together 2 minute vlogs for Twitter. They're always a big hit. A few months ago, I started putting together 1 minute videos for Twitter talking about the big news in the NFT space. I hadn't seen anyone creating videos like this specifically for Twitter, so I knew they would perform well and people would enjoy them.

Has your niche evolved into the area you thought it would or is it different?

I have been a content creator in various industries across different social platforms for 5+ years. One of the things I've always been good at is understanding the value behind creating niche-specific content. I chose to enter the NFT space, at first as an NBA Top Shot YouTuber but then expanding to the broader NFT market as a podcaster and tweeter. I'm exactly where I want to be :)

What is your goal for your content, and what is your goal for yourself?

My goal for creating content is to push the envelope by challenging myself to do something new that others aren't already doing or that I can significantly improve on. I look at myself as a trailblazer, and I love taking the path less traveled.

Where do you see blockchain/crypto going in the future? Anything in particular that really excites you?

I can't predict the future, but I am here for the journey. Lots of things excite me about the future of blockchain/crypto. A few things that come to mind are: blockchain gaming (being able to own/trade in-game items), voting on the blockchain (and imagine being able to track where our tax-paying dollars go?), and personal photos on-chain (some sort of semi-private way to keep my memories permanent).

Anything you would like me to add?

Shoutout to my mom for always being supportive and encouraging.

Want to experience some of Jennifer's content for yourself? Find her links here: