v1.1 | Feilong

| Trading is free! You can now trade through Hedgehog at zero cost, on any exchange where you have an account

| Since we removed the subscription requirement for trading, early adopters will be refunded.

| The Hedgehog team has taken your feedback to heart and reimagined much of the application to help you Track, Trade, and Learn more effectively


| Trading flow has been rebuilt

| Wallets and Addresses updated

| Connecting exchanges is now easier than ever before

Portfolios have been simplified

UI & Effects

| The Learn page has been beefed up with even more crypto goodies to help anyone from the beginner level to the experienced trader get their bearings

| Our registration flow has gotten some love, helping new users onboard and introducing them to some of Hedgehog’s functionality

| The Portfolio page has received some serious polish, and you can now manage your assets smoothly with a flow that relies more on modals, helping to simplify the experience

Performance / Bug Fix

| Various UI tweaks across the app

| Shifted balance syncing for exchanges to the back-end so mobile users can get faster syncs

Work In Progress

| Hedgehog wallets are coming your way soon, and they’ll allow you to automatically find the best price on any exchange

| Expect improved transaction fetching and order histories

| Keep an eye out for sync-compatibility with more chains

| KYC flow added for testing (alpha)

| Balance transfer tool added for testing (alpha)